Since 2005, I-1 has been promoted to many countries in the world. Through these years, fighters from all over the world have shown their interests in participating in I-1 events. However, I-1 is very strict and conscientious in selecting the participating fighters to make sure the champion complies with the 4 ˇ§Iˇ¨s, i.e., ˇ§Invincibleˇ¨, ˇ§Intelligent, ˇ§Internationalˇ¨ and ˇ§Intercontinentalˇ¨.

In the future, we hope sponsors and muaythai lovers will keep supporting I-1. Together we will bring the sport to another peak.

Organize by Master Kim Ip
Founder of Kim Ip Professional Thai Boxing Fitness

Former Hong Kong May Thai Champion

Experience on Muay Thai practice

Involve in the May Thai training for over 20 years

Founder of Worldˇ¦s famous Muay Thai Gala ˇ§I-1ˇ¨ Tournament

1st runner up of promoter of World Independent Promoters Union 2009

President of World Kickboxing Corporation (China)

Authorize Promoter of Muay Thai Gala from World Muaythai Council

Deputy member of Muay Thai Against Drug (Thailand)

International Deputy for Hong Kong Muay Thai Association

Member of International Amateur Muay Thai Associate

Hong Kong Muay Thai Champion (126-130 kg) since 1996 till 1998

Founder member of Hong Kong Muay Thai Association since 2002 till now

Senior Referee and Judge of Hong Kong Muay Thai Association

Senior Certify May Thai Trainer of Hong Kong Muay Thai Association.

CEO of I-1 International Limited

CEO of Kim Ip Production House

Personal profile

Since the year of 1990, Master Kim involves in the World of Muaythai. By 1992 he started as a new fighter to participate in different fights all over the world. By the year of 1996, Master Kim eventually got the Hong Kong Muaythai Champion.

Within the following year, Master Kim was busy in his adventures in the ring. He had been encounter with different Champions from all over the world. He was trained and fought in Thailand for over 2 years. Master Kim had a record of 30 fights, (28 Win, 2 Loss). Moreover, he moved forward to train in Netherland.
Ever since Master Kim had been continuously successful for 3 years as Hong Kong Muay thai Champion, he chose to retire by 1998. Concentrate in training new fighters with his incredible knowledge in Muaythai Practice and experiences.

He first started to teach Muaythai in Top Fight Gym; he successfully trained up a lot of good and famous fighters from the Gym. He was the first person arrange fighters from H.K. to train in Thailand. Moreover, Master Kim himself also taught in ˇ§Sor-Vorapinˇ¨, one of the famous gyms in Thailand. He earned a lot of experiences on teaching local people as well as foreigners.

Master Kim created his own Kim Ip Gym and Kim Ip Production on 11th Nov,2004. At the same time he had held his first fight event - ˇ§Muaythai Against Drugsˇ¨. Spreading the messages of Anti drugs to teenagers through combat sports.

By the end of 2005, the first I-1 was held in Hong Kong Queenˇ¦s Stadium. It was a new rule for a 8 men Tournament fights.

I-1 promoted to all over the world by the year of 2006, Master Kim was recognized as one of the greatest Muaythai promoters in the world. He was invited to be a member of the World Muaythai Against Drugs Committee.

On 2007 I-1 grows big and gets its fames so fast in the Muaythai world. Many fighters from all over the worlds are trying to contact I-1, hoping to get involve in this exciting and adventurous fighting experience.

By 2008, I-1 successfully promoted to Europe, Thailand and North America, and Master Kim became the icon of I-1. He gained tremendous popularity to every Muaythai fans, since then, he had been busy on doing interviews on TV broadcast and Channels.

On 2009, Master Kim Ip was invited to show up on TVBˇ¦s ˇ§Power Up HKˇ¨ promotion clip, where he shared his story as a fighter, as an example to encourage the Hong Kong audience to never give up easily when they encounter difficulties.

On the same year, I-1 events were broadcasted on both TVB jade and High Definition Jade networks; in the same year, the first I-1 event: I-1 World Muaythai Grand Exteme, took place at Grand Hyatt Macau, City of Dreams, Cotai, it was a huge success.

2010 ˇV Master Kim awarded as 1st runner up of promoter of World Independent Promoters Union 2009.

2011ˇVMaster Kim accepted the role of the president of World Kickboxing Corporation China (WKBC China).


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